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Tantech Holdings Actively Initiates Road Civility and Supports Students in Public Service Activities

( Date:2017-5-25)

On May 19, the 2017 award ceremony of creative works competition on traffic rules by university students was held in Hangzhou Qinghua hotel. The ceremony was held by Zhejiang public security department media center, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau traffic department, and was initiated by Tantech Holdings. Executive director of Tantech Holdings, Ms. Yefang Zhang attended the meeting and presented awards to winners.

This competition focuses on "Order, Life, Future", and advocates self-discipline, care, politeness and culture. Focus on the highly-discussed bike-sharing, students from China Academy of Art, Zhejiang Police College, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Zhejiang Gongshang University and Zhejiang Institute of Media made impressive artworks which won new media award, graphic design award, etc.

Zhejiang Public Security department started a series of activities focusing on road civility since March. Tantech Holdings actively initiates the activities and educated its empolyees on traffic rules. As supporting company, "TANTECH" logo and the road civility will become a bright scenery in universities.

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